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Bulk & General Cargo Services

Our team in Blue Sea Sun (BSS) shipping Bulk and Break bulk section include specialists in all key ship sizes Capesize, Panamax , Supramax and Handysize,….in tramp business and all kind of project and break bulk vessels for small tonnages and project cargo providing support for our clients in each of the local or international global markets. BSS is active in all the various types of business typical in dry and wet cargo including spot contracts, time charters and contracts of affreightment.
We maintain a global presence in the market and an “always available”, responsive approach to doing business. Modern data systems and rapid communications enable market information to be collected and shared with clients quickly, helping them make informed decisions regarding their business.


• Liner Sector

Services in Liner sector by multipurpose and tween decker vessels.


• Tramp Sector

Services in Tramp sector with due regards to wide diversity in dry bulk and wet bulk cargoes in relation to type and volume by employing various sizes of vessels in four divisions: Industrial bulk, chemical bulk, food bulk and tanker in major ports of the world.


• Chartering

We have experienced people in chartering desks had several fixtures for wet and dry during years involved fully in chartering and brokering activities for all items.


• Agency

We offer various specialized services for owners as full agent cover with stevedoring, tallying, Crew manning, Bunkering, all Logistics, warehousing and depots for minerals with all trucking or as owners wish just cover as OPA with best high quality services in due course.

Blue Sea Sun Shipping Services Co. Ltd.